Today Governor Kemp announced a reopening of businesses by April 24th and further reopenings on April 27th. This overrides all jurisdictions.

The number of cases in Georgia continues to rise.

The number of deaths continues to rise.

Our healthcare system is already being exhausted in certain parts of Georgia.

Trump has said that states should not reopen until there have been 14 days of decrease in number of cases.

Existing through this pandemic has been a lesson in humanity. A lesson in personal sacrifice made so those most vulnerable amongst us can live and so that our healthcare workers have a chance to do their jobs. Our personal humanity is only as strong as our connection to all humanity. Humanity is defined as “human beings collectively”. Over the past three months I have seen human beings collectively give, sacrifice, love, support, die, hate and suffer. It is believed that crisis brings out the best in us and the worst in us, collectively. It brings out our humanity. Understanding that individual actions affect others health and safety has been a lesson the pandemic taught me, unequivocally. We individuals make up the collective and that direct connection to each other cannot be denied or ignored.

Open Up America Again. I dually understand the fear of widespread disease and death alongside the fear of impending economic devastation. But my humanity tells me that if my individual actions affect others health and safety, I must adjust my actions in a way that does not jeopardize the lives of others. This means, I will not reopen on April 24th or April 27th. I will not forsake others to take a yoga class or get my hair done. I will find ways to support my yoga studio and my hair stylists while keeping my humanity, knowing that I am privileged in being able to do this. My humanity knows that I am not vulnerable to death if I get sick, but your grandmother or grandfather might die if they get sick. My humanity knows that due to the cycle of poverty, red-lining, gentrification, food deserts, healthcare disparities and systemic institutional racism, people of color are most likely to die from this disease, and all other diseases. Therefore, my humanity tells me to stay my white-privileged-employed-healthy ass at home. I challenge you to examine your own humanity and listen to what it says over what your governor, mayor or president says. Our collective humanity will lead us through this, not white men in business suits.